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Leaven Community affirms the sacred interconnection of all and the creative and liberative power within our connective relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about giving money to Leaven

Q: Is my giving to Leaven Community “tax-deductible”?

AYes! Leaven Community, a non-profit community founded in June 2013, receives tax-exempt status. If you provide your address, we will send you an annual statement to use for tax purposes.


Q: How much money does Leaven need to operate each year?

A: Our expenses are estimated around $240,000.


Q: Where will my money go?

A: Money given supports the community's vision and the budget approved by members to pay for expenses and staff time associated with our continued community-building process. Our e-blasts and social media postings best capture the wide range of activities and actions your money supports.


Q: Who sees the information about my financial giving to Leaven?

A: Because budgeting requires transparency, Financial Capacity Team members and the Leaven Treasurer may see your giving decisions. If you are comfortable with additional transparency in your giving, you can make that known and it will be shared in strategic ways to help our growth.


Thank you for your financial investment in Leaven Community!



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