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Land and Housing

Leaven Community  2018 Organizing


WEDNESDAY, MAY 30TH, 6:30-8:30PM
Leaven Community Center
5431 NE 20th Ave

Thank you Leaven Community for your presence, story and passion during the Listening and Discernment phase of our listening campaign.

At the discernment gathering those attending identified energy and interest in researching actions for policy that creates different types of housing throughout the city, collective action using land already owned and actions for relieving pressure on the most vulnerable in our communities.

Because of your interest we will continue this work and invite you to gather with others on WEDNESDAY, MAY 30TH, 6:30-8:30PM at Leaven Community to continue leading this work.

Can you come? Will you come?
Let us know by texting/calling or emailing Eric Conklin (503) 951-0026) (ericjohnconklin@gmail.com). Also, let us know if you need childcare or interpretation. 

With Gratitude,



Eric Conklin (503) 951-0026 ericjohnconklin@gmail.com
LaVeta Gilmore Jones (503) 936-2870 lavetagj@leaven.org
Melissa Reed (503) 208-9847 pastormoreed@leaven.org

PDF Land and Housing Team Description at bottom of page

Leaven Community Land and Housing Research Action Team

The Leaven Community Land and Housing Research Action Team is organizing with communities of faith and neighborhood organization around creating affordable housing on our land.

Last Fall our collective action resulted in homeowners being allowed to house a tiny house or RV on their property while city-wide regulations are put in place. 

This graphic depicts our story and process that resulted in this win.


Contact Leaven Community Organizer/Co-Director, LaVeta Gilmore Jones, for additional information: lavetagj@leaven.org

Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good 

Leaven Community is a MACG member institute

Clackamas County Housing Team

Affordable Housing issues are affecting MACG's broader base beyond Portland. To address the issue locally, Clackamas leaders have formed a research action team to discover where MACG action could be effective. Join us at the next meeting, or contact Mary Nemmers (503) 208-4391 to become involved.

MACG Housing Team, Clackamas County
St. Stephen Lutheran Church
290 W Gloucester St., Gladstone, OR 9702
Contact: Mary Nemmers: mary@macg.org

MACG Affordable Housing Background

Lack of affordable housing was the #1 issue that surfaced during MACG’s 2015 Listening Campaign. It continues to be a critical issue in Portland, impacting income and racial diversity in our City and contributing to huge rent increases for too many Portlanders. The Housing Research Action Team was formed to research the issue and to determine opportunities for MACG leaders to act collectively to bring about meaningful change in this critical area for our members and for the community at large.

  • We were instrumental in getting Portland to increase the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) set aside for affordable housing by 50% ($67 Million).
  • We worked with other community groups in the last legislative session to allow local governments to require builders to set aside a portion of new housing developments as affordable (Portland has now enacted such an ordinance).
  • We worked in support of the affordable housing bond measure which Portland passed in the last electIon.

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