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Leaven Community affirms the sacred interconnection of all and the creative and liberative power within our connective relationships.

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Leaven Community Common House

 Leaven Community Common House

What is Common House?
Leaven Community Common House (LC Common House) is a relationally-grounded social impact hub organized by Leaven Community, along with a diversity of people, particularly people of color and those historically displaced. The facility and grounds of Leaven Community/Salt & Light Lutheran Church is the physical space for LC Common House. It is the space where we come together to sustainably create, collaborate, organize and powerfully work on our shared missions for equitable Portland neighborhoods where everyone thrives.

LC Common House partners are organizations and individuals who use the space for their organizational work/projects AND who also work together out of shared story and mission with other LC Common House partners; thereby living into the relational culture and vision of LC Common House.

LC Community Common House Creates...

  • Opportunity to deepen and expand the living out of our Leaven Community mission; specifically living more fully into relational power and neighborhood action that honors the mix of generations in a way that will draw displaced residents back to the neighborhood and catalyze similar transformations in other buildings and neighborhoods.

  • Opportunity for synergy, collaboration and empowerment among all the efforts and people working together in the same space.

  • Financial opportunities that could emerge for individuals and groups to generate revenue and improve economic well-being.

  • Opportunities to use resources to build capacity for organizations or projects.

  • Opportunity to move from a transactional system (renters with leases) to relational agreements (LC Common House Partnership Agreements).


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