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Leaven Community affirms the sacred interconnection of all and the creative and liberative power within our connective relationships.

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Leaven Community Garden

Leaven Community Urban Farm


"I was excited by the reaction of the neighbors as they passed by," said Alex Rhodes, youth program coordinator for Leaven Community's partner, Groundwork Portland. "People liked what we were doing." Groundwork Portland Green Team planted tomatoes, tomatillos, squash, cucumber, peppers and leeks in the Leaven Community urban farm garden boxes. Children in Leaven Community Wondering Time have planted oregano, thyme, rosemary in their garden box have suggested collaborating with Green Team to make spaghetti sauce when the tomatoes are ripe. This could be fun!

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Leaven Community Garden

This season the Leaven Community garden is offering projects that will make the grounds a welcoming space for all.

  • creating a meeting space (clearing bushes, creating ADA path, making a labyrinth
  • planting and tending the community garden beds on the 20th Ave side of the property)
  • working in the newly created children's garden
  • learning about Urban Farming through Groundwork Portland (the Killingsworth side of the property).

Contact Andrew: leavengarden@gmail.com
             Maury: maurcymcc@hotmail.com

The Story of Leaven Community Garden

In 2009, Leaven Community members, friends and neighbors turned our focus to the boring ol' lawn and started to imagine a more creative use of the space! We named the space the "Koinonia Garden"... a space for community and fellowship. Years later, we enjoy a vibrant garden with espalier apple trees, tasty vegetables and pollinator-attracting flowers. It is an inviting space where community members can assemble, learn about permaculture and form friendships!

In 2015 we participated in the Village Building Convergence project and built an earthbeach and installed part one of a green roof. Pictures of the build can be seen on our Leaven Village Building Convergence Facebook page.

A comprehensive permaculture design has been created for the property and we  look forward to seeing how it will unfold over the coming years. Your curiousity about the garden is welcomed. Your participation in creating the space is welcomed. Contact Andrew:  leavengarden@gmail.com for more information



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