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Leaven Community affirms the sacred interconnection of all and the creative and liberative power within our connective relationships.

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Leaven Community Sanctuary Team

Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, OR
Sheridan South Side Park (Fishing Pond)

Leaven Community/Salt & Light Lutheran is a member of the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice (IMIrJ). IMIrJ is calling for the freedom of 121 immigrants and asylum seekers, from 16 different countries, who are being unjustly and inhumanely detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement at the Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, Oregon. Gatherings for Interfaith Services of Solidarity on second Sundays are one of the ways IMIrj congregations and people of goodwill are standing with our brothers.

SECOND TUESDAY 6:30pm-8:30pm
St Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church
1704 NE 43rd Ave, Portland OR

Gather with us as we deepen relationships, learn together and organize with our N-NE Portland K-team partners (St. Andrews Catholic, Bethel Lutheran, St Charles Catholic, Ainsworth UCC) other IMIrJ communities of faith. 

Leaven Community Sanctuary Contacts
(Español) Mira (503) 951-3658, miralconklin@yahoo.com.
(English) LaVeta (503) 936-2870, lavetagj@leaven.org


The TPS Journey for Justice Caravan stopped in Portland and was hosted by Leaven Community in August. The caravan is traveling throughout U.S. stopping at various cities on their way to Washington, DC. with the mission to save TPS and prevent thousands of our brothers and sisters from having to leave the U.S. where they have lived for many years.

Temporary Protective Status is given to eligible nationals of designated countries who are present in the United States. The Secretary of Homeland Security may designate a country for Temporary Protective Status when one of three circumstances occurs:

There is “ongoing armed conflict” that creates unsafe conditions for returning nationals
An environmental disaster (such as earthquake or hurricane), or an epidemic that makes the state temporarily unable to accept the return of its nationals, and the state has requested TPS designation
“Extraordinary and temporary” conditions in a state prevent its nationals from returning safely
When TPS has been granted, TPS beneficiaries:

  • Cannot be removed from the U.S.
  • May be granted permission to travel outside of the U.S.
  • Can legally work in the U.S. (via an employment authorization document)

Status does not make them eligible to get a green card. TPS status can be removed when the Secretary determines the status is no longer needed based on the conditions in the designated country. Currently, there are approximately 400,000 TPS holders living in the United States.



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