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Living Cully Actions

Leaven Community members residing in the Cully neighborhood are active in the Cully Housing Action Team (Living Cully initiative). You,can show your support for the Normandy residents and other renters facing threats of displacement with the neighborhood. 

Cully Neighborhood
Renter Solidarity March

Saturday, February 25, 12:30pm
Normandy Apartments
4605 NE Killingsworth St.

Families welcome • Wear white and black
March ends at Rigler Elementary at 2:00pm for a rally, food, and family fun!
Reply on Facebook event page!

When investors bought the Normandy Apartments in December, their first act was to double the rent. Our neighbors – 18 families and over 30 kids – are in danger of losing their homes. Similar situations are unfolding all over Portland, with hundreds of families being displaced by rising rents and “no cause” evictions.

The Normandy residents are fighting back.
Tenants throughout the city are fighting back.
They need our support!

  • Call for the State Legislature to protect all renters from unrestricted rent increases and evictions.
  • March with our Normandy neighbors as they call on their landlord for a fair rent and stability for their families.
  • Meet at 12:30pm on February 25 at the Normandy Apartments (4605 NE Killingsworth St.)
  • March ends at Rigler Elementary at 2:00pm for a rally, food, and family fun!

Cameron Herrington: 503-489-8334cameronherrington@livingcully.org

Save the Oak Leaf Mobile Home Park Campaign
Leaven Community is celebrating our relationship with and a win for our Cully neighbor and friend, Victor Johanson, an Oak Leaf Mobile Home Park resident, who came and share his story at a Leaven Community Wednesday Gathering. 

Victor Johanson

Portland City Council unanimously approved a new construction tax that will generate an estimated $12 million per year for affordable housing! Housing. Part of this new tax revenue will be delegated to keep the Oak Leaf Mobile Home Park in the Cully neighborhood.

St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County (SVDP) is now managing and working with residents of the park.  SVDP has preserved five mobile home parks in the Eugene area, and operates them as affordable housing. These parks are similar to the Oak Leaf: some residents own their own mobile home and rent a space from SVDP; others rent both their home and the space.

The funds that the Housing Bureau will use to buy the Oak Leaf won’t be available until February or March, 2017. In addition, these funds cannot be provided to an organization that already owns the Oak Leaf – they have to be used to purchase the Oak Leaf. Living Cully has agreed to play the interim ownership role. Living Cully does not have the money needed to buy the Oak Leaf, so the Housing Bureau will use a different pot of money to give Living Cully a loan to buy the park. Living Cully will own the park for a few months until the permanent funds are available, and then sell it to St. Vincent de Paul.

Outcomes to date and Timeline

November: Living Cully has received a loan from The Housing Bureau to buy the Oak Leaf. 

December: St. Vincent de Paul is managing the Oak Leaf and working with the current residents. 

February or March: The Housing Bureau will give St. Vincent de Paul $1.5 million to buy the Oak Leaf from Living Cully (the interim owner), and to make repairs and upgrades. Living Cully will use the money it gets from St. Vincent de Paul to repay its loan.

Ongoing: Living Cully, St. Charles Church, St. Vincent de Paul, and the residents will work together to raise money for additional repairs, upgrades and new mobile homes. Living Cully: Cully Housing Action Team (CHAT) has a mobile home repair working group for people interested in planning and participating in this action. Leaven Community's members can contact, Mira Conklin: miraconklin@yahoo.com for more information about participating in CHAT.


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