Leaven Community ignites the power of our shared stories and spiritual wisdoms to act collectively with our neighbors to cultivate diverse, thriving and equitable neighborhoods.

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We meet at 10am on Sundays at the Leaven Community Center
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Wondering Time for Kids


Kiids and parents making garden stakes for our Leaven Community Garden.



Our children are an important part of Leaven Community and we are very intentional about listening to their needs and desires. Wondering Time provides opportunities for children of all ages and developmental stages to explore and cultivate their relationships with the Great Mystery, God, creation and humanity.

Salt and Light Lutheran Church Service
Children who come to the Salt & Light Lutheran Sunday service have opportunity to participate in Wondering Time activities. During the service, children are invited to join the pastor on the welcoming quilt to talk and interact about a thought or question for the day. They then depart to the Wondering Time room where they interact with one another through story, songs, age appropriate play and blessings. Everyone returns to the serivice to participate in the offering, communion and closing.

Leaven Community Garden
Families and friends are welcomed to come to the Leaven Community garden anytime to care for and harvest the plants in the Wondering Time garden box(es).

Latest News: Room Relocation and Expansion of Space

The Wondering Time room on the main level of the Leaven Community center has been relocated to the chapel (main level), and Room B6 (SWAP) and “The Lounge” on the lower level.

The chapel is a calming, sacred space for children and parents. A comfortable couch welcomes nursing mothers and kids and adults who want to sit, read, or just chill together. Toddler friendly toys beckon the little ones while preschoolers and older kids are invited to express their creativity with materials for drawing, cutting and pasting. The world of story and imagination are found in books for all ages on bookshelves in this space.

The SWAP room (B6) is used for Wondering Time activities during the Salt & Light Sunday Service. Children interact with one another in centers for reading/music, imaginative play, puzzles/games, transportation and building. Elementary and middle school-age children enjoy hanging out in the “The Lounge” (located next to room 6) where they converse with one another, play games and engage in creative art activities.

Seasonal Events
Family friendly events such as produce harvesting with Portland Fruit Tree Project,* are offered throughout the year. Gardening time is almost here. Stay tuned for more info.

For more information contact LaVeta:
*(Portland Fruit Tree Project is a Leaven Community partner)