Leaven Community ignites the power of our shared stories and spiritual wisdoms to act collectively with our neighbors to cultivate diverse, thriving and equitable neighborhoods.

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We meet at 10am on Sundays at the Leaven Community Center
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Salt & Light Lutheran

An invitation for

Salt & Light Lutheran/Leaven Community
to Participate in Public Worship Service
Sheridan Federal Correctional Institution
SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018
11AM - 12PM

All are Welcome!

The Sunday service for Salt & Light Lutheran will be in Sheridan, OR with our IMIrJ communities of faith and people of goodwill. Our practices of "love of neighbor" are being co-opted and twisted in dehumanizing ways and it's time to disrupt our normal routines and join others for this pivotal moment of love and prayer-in-action. Those unable to go to Sheridan can gather at Salt & Light at 10 AM for a shortened liturgy of story, prayers, and communion as we hold everyone in our hearts. All are welcome.

As announced Thursday, at the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice (IMIrJ) press conference (convened at Leaven Community/Salt & Light Lutheran), a public worship service will be held Sunday morning, June 24, 2018, at 11:00 am just outside the Sheridan Prison.

This service will also include a direct action asking the Prison to allow ongoing clergy access to detainees so they can receive the pastoral care they need and have requested.  We can also learn more about how they are being treated and whether or not they are being reunited with their children, spouses and other family.

Earlier this month Attorney General Jeff Sessions invoked Romans 13 to validate the amoral separation of children from their families. Join us as we recover the power of our embodied faith, pray for the soul of our country, and demand direct access to immigrant detainees in the Sheridan Federal Prison.
Facebook event here

Something to sit on (e.g. chair, blanket)
Food/Beverages (e.g. snacks,water, picnic lunch)
Posters with messages of love and solidarity
Comfortable shoes (main parking is 1/4 mile from site)

Gather: 8:45 AM Leaven Community/Salt & Light Lutheran parking lot
Depart: 9:00 AM
Arrive: 10:30ish AM

Main Parking at Sheridan High School (433 S Bridge St, Sheridan, OR 97378) - this is a 1/4 mile walk from the site of the service. Those needing assistance can be dropped off at the fishing pond lot.
Sheridan High School Lot: West on Hwy 18 to Exit 33, exit right, then turn left on S Bridge Street.
Sheridan Fishing Pond Lot: West on Hwy 18 to Exit 33, exit right, then turn right again to go south on SW Ballston Road for 0.4 miles, turn left onto gravel road and drive about ¼ mile to fishing pond.

Leaven Contacts
(Español) Mira (503) 951-3658,
(English) LaVeta (503) 936-2870,

Additional Links
Press Conference, June 21, 2018 on Leaven FB page
Lawyers (and Clergy) denied access to asylum-seekers held in Oregon
Open Letter to Sheridan Federal Correctional Institution and ICE
IMIrJ website (Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice)


Call: In Ancient Egypt, when Pharaoh made it public policy to kill Hebrew Children, child murder became the law of the land.  But people of faith knew better.  They knew...

Response: Only love fulfills the law.

Call: When Jesus was killed on the cross, he was executed as a criminal, as an "illegal," as an enemy of the state.  But people of faith knew better...

Response: Only love fulfills the law.

Call: When Turtle Island was stolen from the indigenous tribes that had lived here for thousands of years, when their culture was destroyed and their people were murdered; when human beings were brought here against their will from Africa to be bought and sold as slaves; when Japanese Americans were forced into internment camps and treated like cattle, the law of the land endorsed all these unspeakable and ungodly horrors .  But in each of these cases people of faith knew better.  They knew...

Response: Only love fulfills the law.

Call: Today, as families continue to be separated by an unjust and amoral immigration system, our public officials have had the audacity to invoke our Christian tradition as a perverse justification for their crimes against humanity.  In an attempt to hide behind the letter of God's law, they have sinned and blasphemed against the spirit of God's law.  So as people of faith, let us remind them in a loud and clear voice...

Response: Only love fulfills the law.

Call:  Let us remind our state, our country, and the whole world that love is the only law.

Response:  Love is the only law.

Together: AMEN.

The Lutheran worshipping congregation within the larger Leaven Community.
Weekly Gathering 10-11:30ish am
Melissa O Reed, Pastor, Salt & Light Lutheran Church
Leaven Community Co-Director and Organizer

We are a beloved community walking together along ancient paths of scripture and practice as God’s body of grace seeking God’s way of justice. We are a church broken open, unafraid to listen to the stirrings of the Spirit in our hearts and in creation; unafraid to act out of compassion toward a world that is just and free.

We are young and old. We celebrate traditions gifted to us from our ancestors and we explore creativity gifted to us by the Spirit. We aspire to embody openness, hospitality and love, as we are empowered by the grace we receive in the life and story of Jesus Christ, to whom we relate in a variety of ways: as brother, savior, teacher, God with us.

We hunger to be in relationship and to know better our creative and living God. We yearn for wholeness, to be reconciled with our neighbors, our community, our world, our earth, and` the cosmos.


Welcome friends, neighbors, and our Leaven Community brothers and sisters! If you enter building from the parking lot, continue walking down the hall to the "Sunroom" in the front. All are invited to write our names on nametags to assist with introductions. Coffee and tea is available and you are welcome to take your beverage into the sanctuary.

Art Table
If drawing, coloring helps you concentrate, there is a table with paper, drawing utensils, etc. where you can express your creativity while participating in the service.

Our Children
Our children are a precious, lively part of our community. During the service, they gather on the Wondering Time quilt with Pastor Melissa for conversation. They then have the option to go and engage in community building conversations and activities with other kids. They return to the service during the Passing of the Peace for the remainder of the time.

During this time, Pastor Melissa reflects on the scripture through story and invites us to enter into the experience by sharing our stories and reflections with one another.

All are welcome to Christ’s table in Holy Communion and to share in God's extravagant love—no exceptions


After the service, folks can continue to deepen relationships while snacking on refreshments brought by community members.

You are welcome in this community, to worship together, rise together and change together.

You are welcome as you areWe are young and old. We are traditional and we are abundantly creative. We share common struggles and joys, and we rejoice in our blessed differences.

You are welcome, wherever you are on your spiritual journey. On days of question and doubt, you are welcome. On days of mustard seed faith, you are welcome.

You are welcome to bring your whole self: your stories, your bodies, your questions, your head and your heart. We trust that God’s spirit is expressed in people in a beautiful bounty of ways, and we welcome and affirm people of all gender identities and sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds and life experiences. We honor and celebrate love and partnership in the many ways the Spirit breathes them into our lives.

You are welcome to explore! Our children are a precious, lively part of our community and our Sunday morning worship, and we invite you into wonderment with them as they worship God with their voices, laughter and bodies.

You are welcome to the table. All are welcome to Christ’s table in Holy Communion and to share in God's extravagant love—no exceptions.

All are welcome among Salt & Light Lutheran Church as we explore on Sundays—and throughout the week—the ways in which we are called to leaven God’s dreams in and with our community and our world.

All who like to sing and play an instrument are welcomed to the "Seat of Our Pants" choir. We rehearse on Sunday mornings from 9:00-9:50 am and on the first Sunday of the month from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm. Contact our musician, Ali, for more details:

We are the Salt of the earth, gathered in presence of the Light of the world.

Leaven Community
Salt & Light Lutheran
5431 NE Killingsworth St
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 287-7553