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Leaven Community affirms the sacred interconnection of all and the creative and liberative power within our connective relationships.

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Soapmakers Workshop & Community Soapmaking Space

Learn how to make your own soap with experienced Critical Bath soapmakers in the Leaven Community Soapmaker's Workshop. Critical Bath is Portland’s worker-owned soap cooperative. Shampoo and hand & body bars are vegan, organic where possible, palm-oil free, and contain natural essential oils and colorants. Our name fits our vision of a more local economy, owned by the masses. When the majority of Portlanders (or enter the place where you live) are either buying locally-made soap or making their own, we'll reach Critical Bath! 

Our goal is to teach people how to make their own soap, opening our space to them and other soapmakers for a small fee, as well as collectively purchasing ingredients and supporting each other's creativity and possible small business ventures. 

If you're interested in either attending or organizing a group workshop, please contact Ali at alisfingers@gmail.com


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