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We attend and respond to the power that connects us all through engagement with spiritual practices and meaning-making conversations that nourish us for our work together. 

We build trust and deepen relationships as we share and attend to the personal and public dimensions of our stories. We celebrate with gratitude for the abundance we experience in community. 

We respond to cultural, economic and ecological inequity; acting powerfully together in neighborhood and citywide public actions to make our city a more equitable place where everyone thrives.


Current & Upcoming

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Wednesday Gatherings

May 25th,   June 1st

6-7 pm Potluck

7-8 pm Story and Reflection Circle

May 25th Storyteller: Matt Salazar
Hear Matt's story of family and neighborhood life in Portland and reflect on your story and points of connection.

5431 NE 20th Ave, Portland, OR


Leaven Community Organizing

Leaven Community Listening Season 2016

Stories from neighbors in our last listening season unveiled our vision for diverse neighborhoods that cultivate relationships of care and trust and feel like home. Leaven Community Organizing 2016 will focus on that emerging vision of neighborhoods with homes for people of all income levels where neighbors, new, longtime and even former, know their stories and create the narrative that is their neighborhood story

We will engage in a round of organizing using our cycle-spiral to guide us through this journey of “Discovering Our Stories," "Discovering Our Neighborhood Story," Transforming Our Story,” and “Telling Our New Story.”


“Discovering Our Stories”
Begin Today!

You are invited discover your story and the stories of your neighbors by having 1-to-1 relational conversations. These conversations are the foundation for story-based relationships and organizing in our community. ("Tips for 1-to-1 Conversations)

Extend Your Lens

Have a 1-to-1 relational conversation with someone whose family originates from a continent(s) different than that of your family.

 “Discovering Our Neighborhood Story"

House Meetings
House Meetings will provide the forum for neighbors to gather and deepen relationships. We will begin to see the common pressures and dreams in our stories.

Wednesday Gatherings
Wednesday Gatherings provide weekly opportunities for neighborhood wide gatherings where we share a meal, listen/sing songs and reflect on readings and a story shared a neighbor.

Community Discernment Assembly
There will be a community discernment assembly on June 12th to share what has been heard in our conversations and to agree on next steps for the summer.
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Leaven Community is a non-profit organization whose members are rooted in spirit and shaped by our stories. We are transforming isolation into power for change through radical and authentic relationsips. We are a vibrant, diverse community that honors the experience, creativity and imagination of all generations, genders, ethnic and racial groups, and the broad fabric of our community.

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